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Tour the magic city with our scents representing some of the coolest places in and around our hometown of Miami, FL


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PROFILE: Profile: Rich & Famous Cologne

Nestled right between the busy hustle and bustle of downtown Miami and the world-famous shores of South Beach lies an oasis for the Rich and famous from all around the world appropriately named Star Island. From big-name stars like JLO, Madonna, Rick Ross & Shaq to infamous gangsters like Al Capone, only the ultra-wealthy can afford a home in this exclusive island community. For this installment in our Main Lineup, we have created a cologne so luxurious & smooth that you'll get a glimpse of what it's like to live in one of the Star Island mega-mansions. This luxurious blend is one of our most complex yet and it consists of Saffron, Oud, and teakwood mixed in with some surprises such as citrus & lavender as well as some fragrances so exclusive we can't even tell them to you! Each time you wear Star Island, your confidence will be soaring high & the compliments will be flowing your way!

PROFILE: Eclectic Sweet & Woodsy Urban Cologne

Deep in the heart of Miami lies a colorful, eclectic, and strangely beautiful urban district called Wynwood. What once was an area full of neglected warehouses, shuttered factories, and unused buildings is now a sprawling mecca for artists from around the world to showcase their talents with masterfully created murals that sometimes span multiple buildings. The Wynwood fragrance is as eclectic and unique as its namesake. When you first throw it in the beard, you'll be delighted by a mix of sweet and fruity aromas including blueberry, green apple, and citrus. As the scent opens up, you'll start to pick up masculine woodsy notes of mahogany and palo santo before it rounds out with soft and soothing touches of hibiscus & other floral notes. We guarantee that this fragrance, like Wynwood, is something you can only experience here in the Magic City.

PROFILE: Honey, Lavender, Cedar, Tonka, Vanilla & Silk

Get ready to wind down for the night on your private balcony overlooking beautiful downtown Brickell. This scent is both smooth & serene and will definitely become a staple in your night time rotation. Honey & Lavender are at the forefront of the scent and then sharp cedar gives it a nice masculine touch before the smooth scents of Tonka, Vanilla & Silk come together to round it out. Experience Mr. Magic City's favorite scent in our lineup today!

PROFILE: Burmese wood, Black Rose, Toasted Marshmallows & Amber

Strap on your skates and cruise down the famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. On your ride, you'll pass eclectic shops & restaurants with the sunny Hollywood beach to your side. This scent is as diverse and interesting as it's namesake with notes of Burmese wood, black rose, toasted marshmallows & amber. A cologne type scent with interesting notes thrown in to surprise, Hollywood is sure to bring new experiences to your beard routine!

PROFILE: Margarita, Carbonation, Bergamot, Peppermint & Other Citruses

WAKE UP! and smell this energizing scent. Named after Sunrise, FL, this is by far our brightest scent profile. The moment you put this on, you'll immediately be hit with a punch of bright citrus & carbonation and as the day progresses you'll catch some lighter notes of peppermint and varied citruses. This fun mix of bright scents is sure to tingle your beard and help you start your day off alert!

PROFILE: Oud, Bergamot, Money & Sea Salt

Miami has long been a hotspot for the ultra wealthy and high profile celebrities. In the late 80s a strip of land along the world famous Collins Avenue was riddled with multi million dollar mansions and it gained the nickname Millionaire's Row. This scent starts out with the feel of an expensive cologne made of Oud & Bergamot and then hits you with that crisp smell of freshly printed money before it's finished off with some notes of that salty sea air that you can smell all up and down Miami Beach. This scent is sure to have you smelling and feeling like a million bucks. Get this in beard and you'll be ready to take the yacht out for a night on South Beach!

PROFILE: Smoked Leather, Oud, Dark Musk, Cedar & More

Midtown is a district in Miami that is home to the Wynwood & Edgewater neighborhoods. The area was designed to be reminiscent of New York's SOHO district while adding in a Miami twist. Built over an old rail yard, the area consists of industrial zones mixed in with Wynwood's famous art walls and modern high rise buildings. We really wanted to capture the essence of midtown with this fragrance so we created a scent that is smokey & sophisticated but still has that twist of freshness only Magic City can provide. We started with Smoked Leather, Oud, Dark Musk & Cedar which created our masculine smokey base and then we added some fresh notes to it to finalize the Miami twist. The combination of smokey & fresh makes this scent great for both those who love dark scents and those who prefer fresh scents.

PROFILE: Smooth Leather Cologne

Cutting through some of the most upscale and beautiful neighborhoods in Miami, Old Cutler Road is one of the oldest streets in the city. When you wear this you'll feel like you're taking a bike ride down the famous Old Cutler trail. Breathe in the fresh salty sea air as you ride beneath hundred-year-old banyan trees while passing the mansions of Coral Gables where you can smell the expensive leather and cologne seeping from the homes! Our take on a smooth leather cologne, this complex blend of leather fragrances is perfectly blended with woodsy and citrus notes with some other surprises mixed in.

PROFILE: Mysterious Oceanic Oud

Dive into the deep dark waters of the lost city of Atlantis with this mystifying scent. Our most subtle fragrance, this isn't like any Oud you've ever smelled. Wearing it will keep you smelling as mysterious as the lost city itself all day long.


PROFILE: Cool Water Cologne, Crisp Leather, Zesty Citrus & Salty Sea Air

Get ready to cruise in a convertible down Ocean Drive with the first scent in the "Streets Of Summer" series. When visiting South Beach, Ocean Drive is the place you want to be! Filled with swanky oceanfront hotels, eclectic bars, and enough neon lights to light up new york, Ocean Drive is always bustling with good vibes and beautiful people. This scent first brightens up your day with a zesty combination of lemon, lime & other citruses to represent the tropical vibes on Ocean Drive during the day. It then opens up to a sexy cool water cologne mixed in with crisp leather that will have you feeling like you're cruising in a brand-new car. Mix in that salty sea air and you'll know exactly where you are....cruising down Ocean Dr!


PROFILE: Mineral Infused Cologne

We're going back to the bricks with our first ever Collaboration! Featuring none other than Dan C Bearded, Flint is a mineral infused cologne scent based on Flint, Michigan. Not only is Flint a mineral in the periodic table, it's also the name of the "vehicle city" due to Flint being one of the original places that cars were made in the world! With artwork inspired by Flint's famous arches, the first in our Collab Series is sure to be a hit. Right out of bottle you'll get a mineral type smell and it's rounded out nicely with a smooth and clean cologne.

PROFILE: Mahogany, Mangrove, Sea Salt, Cologne, Driftwood & Kumquat

For the second product in our Collab series we teamed up with Josh from Embrace the beard life to bring you Sunset Key! Located just off of Key West, Sunset key is a tiny island filled with beautiful upscale cottages. The moment you get this in beard it will instantly transport you down to one of those amazing cottages right on the water. The fragrance is wonderfully fresh & manly with notes of Mahogany, Sea Salt & driftwood but also has some deep earthy notes that smell just like Florida mangroves. Throw in some cool cologne with just a touch of kumquat and this scent really rounds out nicely to give you a fresh, sweet & earthy cologne. Believe us when we tell you that the first time you put it on you'll wanna break out your flip flops and bathing suit and pull up a beach chair. 

The Vault

These scents are in the vault and no longer available but watch closely cause you never know when one of them will make a comeback!

PROFILE: Fresh Citrus Cologne

You can't think of Miami without thinking of South Beach! The infamous strip on Ocean Drive is full of vibrant lights and the smell of the ocean which is just steps away. Transport yourself to the American Riviera with this fresh citrus cologne with hints of teakwood and lime.

PROFILE: Lavender, Orange, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Vanilla & More

Step into the famous lush and serene gardens of Vizcaya with this fragrance. With calming Lavender, sweet orange and invigorating eucalyptus, this fragrance is sure to be a hit in your night time routine.

PROFILE: Cuban Cigar, Amber, Whiskey, Clove & Wood Notes

Pull up a chair at the famous domino tables in Domino Park at Little Havana and get ready for the game of your life! Around the old wooden table, your opponents puff on their Cuban cigars and sip on smooth whiskey while telling stories about their golden years and carefully studying your every play. When you first put on this scent, you'll immediately smell the sophisticated aroma of a fresh Cuban cigar but that soon fades into smooth whiskey and warm amber before the spicy clove gives you the sensation of cigar smoke being puffed around you. Our most complex scent in the lineup, If you're not careful, you'll start blurting cuban sayings like ño! or acere while wearing it.

PROFILE: Mango, Coconut, Lime, Pineapple, Sugar & More

Take a drive down to Mile Marker 0 in Key West, FL where the tropical vibes flow all year round. This blend of sweet tropical fragrances will have you feeling like you're listening to steel drum music with a cocktail in hand. With mango being the star of the show, supporting characters such as coconut, lime & pineapple fill out the scent profile to give you a sweet but cologne like fragrance. Save on a plane ticket and visit Key West anytime you want with one of our favorite scents in the lineup!

PROFILE: Tropical Kiwi Cologne

Hit the water on a Jet Ski in the amazing Biscayne Bay. The turquoise blue waters and amazing downtown skyline are the perfect backdrop for a day of fun in the sun. Our Biscayne Bay fragrance is a sweet and tropical Kiwi cologne. While Kiwi is the clear star of the show on this one, some amazing supporting actors include lime, passion flower, agave & seaweed. All these fragrances & more come together to create a nice aquatic cologne with that nice sweet Kiwi coming through. The moment you smell this you'll instantly recognize that tropical vibe that you can only get with Magic City!

PROFILE: Barbershop with an Agave Twist

Named after Miami's founding father, Henry Flagler, Flagler St is not only Miami's original Main Street, but also the city's central hub. It separates north from south in the city and connects some of Miami's most bustling neighborhoods. This fragrance is meant to pay homage to the rich history of Miami while highlighting some of the fresh changes that have kept Miami one of the most popular cities in the world. Our twist on a barbershop scent, this fragrance includes a classic barbershop blend but brings a fresh new twist to it with notes of sweet agave, bergamot & zesty lemon. It it then rounded out with just a touch of talcum powder to give you that feeling of leaving the barber’s chair with a fresh cut.