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Customer Reviews

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Great product

I rarely take the time to write reviews because I'm usually too lazy for that. However, I can't help but express my immense satisfaction with this oil. Its fragrance is truly extraordinary, as it delicately lingers without ever becoming overwhelming. The scent is incredibly fresh, and it's difficult to put into words just how captivating it is. I initially purchased one bottle but had every intention of buying two more. Sadly, they were sold out. I genuinely hope that this delightful scent remains available for a long time.

Magic City balm is the bomb! It melts down perfectly, offers nice hold and control, and smells fantastic!

This is my new favorite scented beard oil. It is incredible and my beard and skin feel so soft!

Ocean Drive Oil

I’ve been a fan of Magic City for a while now and tried the Ocean Drive scent in a sample set. I had to buy the bottle and it by far my new favorite scent.

The Best

Love the sunrise! Makes my beard so soft.

Sunrise Beard Butter
Brad Hartman

I love this company and there oils they are amazing makes your beard soft smells amazing and the butter is on another level then most companies I’ve tried 🤙🏻 this company is fantastic 10/10 must try

Good And the bad

Let me start out by saying this is my favorite beard oil of all time. I've ordered several times and love the product.
The bad:
The reason for this 1 star review is simply, customer service.
I ordered my oils on 1/26/24 with the express shipping. Delivery date was 2/1/24. Delivery date rolls around and my order is still listed as "confirmed" I reached out via email, few days later the contact me boxes, few days later their Facebook page. 3 different times 3 separate ways and absolutely no response still from the company. I finally received them today 2/14/24. No refunded express delivery, no contact from the company, nothing.
Products amazing, customer service trash.

Flint Beard Oil
Michael Moyer

I love it all around

Underwhelming, i’ll be honest

Atlantis Beard Oil
Porter Hodges
Smell is Perfect

Great stuff. This oil relieved me of irritation the moment I used it. Beard is extremely soft now and does not irritate my skin. Smell is wonderful.

Brickell Beard Butter
Vincent Franzese
My new go to beard company.

I Love the fragrance of the oils and the butters are just melt so quickly.
I wish I could get a few other that are missing, like Vizcaya, Biscayne Bay, Key West. Great products.

Sunset Key Beard Oil

Got a real strong cologne scent to it

Great stuff .. my husband loves it

Beard Oil Sample Pack

Absolutely love how the ostrich oil and other carriers absorbs into my beard to make it so soft. The scents just top off the package of a complete beard oil. Highly recommend! Thanks Dan C Bearded for highlighting on Command Corner and Magic City Beard Company for a great product.

Great way to find your favorite scents.

Magic City is the best. There’s nothing more I can say. I have 3 bottles of their beard oil that I use on heavy rotation. Nothing will give you the results that Magic City does.

Fantastic products. Best available

All scents smell alike

Atlantis Beard Oil
Brian Gierat
Ostrich oil is for REAL

Love this! I'm one month in on my beard and it just feels great on the skin underneath. No dryness and takes away any itch. Atlantis is a great clean fresh scent. I'm usually not a fan of scented oils but this is really great. Thanks to Dan C too!

Atlantis Beard Balm

Balm works really well. A bit on the small side though.

Phenomenal oil and pretty good balm. Great scent.

Super magic quick

Thanks for taking care of me…

Wynwood Combo
Timothy Lucado
Still have not received

I still have not received my order so I can't possibly review this product but when I do I will totally give a full review

Beard Oil Sample Pack


This has a great leather smell! Smells like the smell of leather in a new fancy ride. Scent lasts for a good while. The oil blend feels great in beard.